At we are passionate about helping rescue shelters and the people who tirelessly work to help these incredible creatures find a new life. To get the word out about your shelter, and the wonderful dogs you have available for adoption we ask that you send us, at or through the Contact Us section of our website, a short biography. This would include:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Why you started
  • Brief description of your most memorable adoption.

In addition, we are donating a portion of our book sales to help those rescue shelters we spotlight on our site. Obviously, the more books we sell the more money available to be donated.

If your shelter is selected we will publish your bio on our site and promote it on social media from our Facebook page: Rescue Pooh Dog. (Please follow us!)

Please help us help you and the wonderful dogs who were meaninglessly discarded to become a special dog!

Thank You

—Bill Klenk

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