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Rescue: A Dog’s Journey is a perfect book to read to your children, grandchildren—or even alone—and understand rescues from the dog’s point of view.

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This story made me cry, so it’s extremely successful on the most important level-touching the emotions of the reader. Congratulations on writing an emotionally resonant story! My husband is a veterinarian, and we’ve adopted many animals, and the way so many animals are mistreated in this world truly breaks our hearts.

Rescue: A Dog’s Journey has many strong elements. Woof is an appealing main character, so eager to please, so charmingly like a dog. It’s both touching and thought-provoking how he misinterprets the treatment of the cruel family as love (and of course humans do this same thing). The way you use his sense of smell to describe his world is very effective. In every story, the main character must change. In your story, Woof does not really change, but he changes the way he sees himself. At first, he doesn’t think he’s a special dog. By the end, the love shown by his new adopted family makes him feel special. This is quite profound, showing how love can transform us. Nicely done.

Lisa Williams Kline is the author of eight novels for young people, including Eleanor Hill, winner of the North Carolina Juvenile Literature Award, Princesses of Atlantis, Write Before Your Eyes, and the 5-book Sisters in All Seasons series. A graduate of Duke University, she has a Masters’ from UNC-Chapel Hill in Radio, Television and Motion Pictures and an MFA from Queens University. She lives in North Carolina.

Lisa Williams Kline

Author, Eleanor Hill

This is a wonderful book about how dogs don’t always understand what humans say or do. Told from the dog’s perspective, the story really provides the sense of what he’s thinking, and you can’t help but root for him to find the right family. It’s a happy ending, but still a tear jerker.

Adam Robinson

Editor, Good Book Developers

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