Why Rescue?

Adopting a dog is a HUGE decision and commitment.

This is something that should not be made on emotion alone. Dogs are living creatures and as such, research and self-evaluation are necessary.

There are a number of great websites that will walk you through the evaluation process. Below you can find resources, such as Cesarsway.com, and other informative sources for help making your decision. There are plenty of hints and tips for adopting a dog at those links, like taking your prospective family member for a walk to determine compatibility. Remember: do your homework before you go to a shelter.

Perusing the links here should save you time and frustration, and could save the dog as well! Returned animals many times get a black mark, increasing the chance of euthanasia.


Helpful Links

Pooh Dog in Real Life

Pooh dog at the kill shelter

In the car—what a good boy!

At home—Pooh dog is so full of love!